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Initial CerRx Clinical Products

CerRx will focus for its initial clinical products on intravenous formulations of two drugs (fenretinide + safingol) that have a remarkable synergistic activity at drug levels expected to generate modest systemic toxicity.

Fenretinide (4-HPR)

  • Synthetic vitamin A-like molecule
  • Increases ceramide waxes in cancer cells but not in normal cells.
  • Kills cancer cells but not normal cells
  • Clinically-proven low level of bone marrow toxicity
  • Clinically-proven absence of mouth lesions and hair loss


  • An artificial ceramide precursor
  • Converted into abnormal ceramide waxes
  • Increases killing of fenretinide in cancer cells but not in normal cells
  • Clinically-proven tolerance of CerRx safingol formulation

Intravenous formulations of fenretinide and safingol developed by CerRx founders and the National Cancer Institute Developmental Therapeutics Program are both in early phase clinical trials. CerRx holds an exclusive license to issued patents for both of these novel formulations and issued patents covering the rights to combine them.

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